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April 15, 2015
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April 30, 2015
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3 Ways to Support Your Leader

You want to know the shocking truth?


Here it is…


Every leader has a leader.

As times go on and visions grow bigger we have to constantly remind ourselves that we are here to support our leaders.Great leaders should constantly spend time caring for the people in both directions of the vision. One of our core vitals is to “Honor In 3D” that means we honor the people above us and people who report directly to us. It means we are mindful of the faithful staff members who have gone on, as well as leaving something of value for the future staff members coming up behind us. We are here to make ministry happen, and to do that we need to we need to constantly find ways to support the people around us who are on that same path.

1 Be Consistent

When leaders connect people into the vision they do so with an expectation in mind. They see something in you that they believe will benefit the vision as well as benefit you. Vision always does more for us then we do for it. Your consistantancy is one of the greatest gifts you could give to your leader. Being consistent tells your leader that you’re grateful for the opportunity you’ve been given to serve in their vision.

Consistent Contexts: Emotions, Appearance, Attitude, Punctuality, Spiritual Stability, Physical health, etc 


2 Be Smart

It amazes me how many times people fail to use this amazingly powerful tool God’s given them called “their brain”. I know this may seem a little harsh, but I have to help the people who are lost in their own confusion. My new favorite phrase has recently been,

Common sense doesn’t produce common action.

In context of supporting your leader, I challenge you to stop and think before you run to them with all the “problems” of the day.
I know the copier is jammed and it’s out of toner, but if we stop and think, maybe we can find a video on youtube to show us how to fix that opportunity. I know your 10 year family reunion is coming up and you won’t be at church for 2 weeks… However, calling your Pastor at 9:45pm on a Saturday night to tell him is probably not the best time to keep him encouraged about his message preparation for tomorrow mornings service.

Think about how many things go through your leaders head every day. From e-mails to counseling and meeting preparation followed by personal growth and prayer on behalf of the vision they lead, leaders have a lot to think about. Now don’t miss understand me, leaders are here to support you and when you need them, they will always be there for you. All I am asking is to think before you scream. Ask yourself this question before you scream…

“Did I do a T.I.M.E check?” 

    THINK out the timing of my message?
    Have I taken INITIATIVE where I can?
    What’s my MOTIVE?
    Has EVERYONE else been asked who may be able to help?


3 Be Productive

If you’re under a great leader you know exactly what you’re doing. The vision is clear and the mission of what you’re doing goes without question. Leaders appreciate people who are willing to take that vision and run with it.  For as ” busy” as people are it amazes me how “unproductive” we can become. When you are only busy you are actually holding the vision back from where the leader is trying to take it. To be productive takes focus, planning, and a production of steps that gets you closer to the goal of your vision. As a leader, there is nothing more encouraging then to hear about things that are being accomplished without my instruction. If you need someone to constantly tell you what to get done, go find a boss. Being productive shows your leader that you believe in what you’re doing and you’re excited about where you’re going.

A boss tells you what to do, but a leader tells you where to go.Click To Tweet

At the end of the day leaders have been placed in our lives to guide us to greater destinations. We follow their instructions and guidance and lean on their wisdom and experience to help us achieve the goals God has given to us. Take these tips today and support your leader.