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July 4, 2016
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3 Ways to Visualize Vision

You feel responsible for this tremendous vision that’s in your heart, but how do you connect the dots? Forget the dots where do you even begin… A vision without a plan is just a dream. We see our vision come to past when we have a plan to support it. As everyone’s way of processing is different, here’s some thoughts they may help the process.

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1. Get A Vision Book

I’ve always been the “gadget guy” in the family, and as technology does serve as a great tool, the vision process needs another path. I’d suggest finding a journal or notebook of that you enjoy looking at and writing in. Keep it with you wherever you go, and when you get a thought, picture, or idea about the vision, jot it down. Every vision has a path, and it flows a lot easier from the heart to the hand then it does the touch screen of the computer attached to your pocket.


2. Go On The Record

Vision comes from the heart but plans come by the spirit. People know I love to drive, and it’s not uncommon for me to go for a drive, hit record on a voice memo and just start talking and praying. It’s amazing the ideas that you can think up when you aren’t trying to think about it. Allowing the Holy Spirit to guide the conversation causes you to listen back to the recording later and say, “Wow! That’s a great idea.” Take note, it’s more than an idea, it’s a part of the plan for you vision.


3. Find Your Mountaintop

Everyone has “their place”. It’s that place where you feel like you and are comfortable in every way. Maybe it’s at home, or on a walk, possibly could include eating or sipping a legit cup of coffee. Whatever your space looks like, find a place that you go to only when it’s time to think out the special things in life. Multiple men in the Bible found time to get away to a mountaintop to spend time with the Father.

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Visualizing the vision doesn’t mean you know every step to take, or where every piece of the puzzle goes. Visualizing the vision means you have landmarks and mile markers along the way that will continue to give you cues when you’re getting closer to all that God has for you to do.