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May 26, 2012
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June 13, 2012
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Active Managers

The Active Manager keeps order in ordinary by staying focused on the ministry and staying connected to culture. By keeping a consistency of excellence, The Source stays solid and makes room for uncommon Glory.

My favorite part about leadership is the part where someone approaches you with questions believing with everything inside of them, that you have the answers. Then you get to that place of asking yourself internally, ” What’s the right answer here?” Regardless the call and regardless of the resources we have available, we must know in the end, the vision must winAs an Active Manager, your assignment is simple.


Love People  + Build Faith + Power The System

Campers, students, and staff alike all different roles, but all need love. The biggest two questions people will always ask is, “Do I want to be here?” and “Does anyone want me to be here?”. When you are active, be amongst the people. Active Managers should always be where the largest crowds of people are.

Faith comes by hearing…. We want our staff and guests to hear faith coming from the lips of our management teams. Building expectancy for what’s going to happen in the upcoming service, seasons, and situations. Weather in the area? Put your faith on it. Bad attitude in a staff member? Put your faith on it. Don’t have an answer you need and the AD isn’t answering? Put your faith on it! This place was built on faith. We honor our founders and pastors when we do the same.

We are a spirit-led system in all that we do. Spirit first, system second is our first values for a reason. Our values drive what we do and when we are active, we want to see those values played out in every decision we make. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you and the system to guard you.


Let the spirit guide you and the system guard you.

We spent 5 years developing a system that can catch the curve balls. (Circles) Trust it! If you don’t trust the people running the system, just stay a little closer and guide accordingly. When making the calls you have to make use the heart of your Pastor and the head of your Director. Don’t assume that someone will handle it. You’re the ACTIVE leadership on campus, and your call stands.



1What is the proper chain of command?
The Active Manager’s falls in between the Active Director and the Source Manager. Your Source Manager may know something you don’t so lean on them, but in the end, your call will stand.

2Can I send someone to the Priority Center?
While guarding you is our goal, the AM can send some to the Priority Center as long as the Active Medical Responder is in agreement and you are unable to get ahold of your AD within a 5 minute time span.

3How do you do a proper vision walk/drive?
While you are walking/driving look for things that don’t reach our standard of excellence. These are going to be things that aren’t on a checklist typically. If it’s on a checklist, spare the call and wait until the next round of checklists take place to get it corrected. If it’s engineering or an error, call it in asap. It’s a kind gesture to give The Source a heads up when you begin your walk. It’s a code for “I’m fixing to send a lot of stuff your way” and it prepares their hands for typing and their heart for receiving. 🙂

4How often should a Vision Walk happen?
You should start every active session with a vision walk. It helps you get a pulse of the place and the people. Focus on the schedule entries & exits for example registration time, post camp, meal times when people are coming in and out of a specific venue. 

5How do I answer difficult questions with leaders?
The AD is here to support you with difficult situations. Even if the AD doesn’t talk to the individual, they can guide you on how to accomplish the goal. We NEVER talk processes, protocols, payroll, or things involving private Pastoral info or police reports with leaders. “Leader: Hey, what chemical do yall use for dorm clean up?” “AM: “That’s a great question I know that everything has to be certified by a team of people. Maybe The Source can help us out later if you’re interested.” When in doubt, document it out. Send to The Source and a circle will buy you some time.

6What do I do about a Code 2 or Code 3?
Put them on ICE! When you get reports and walk into the scene try to get knowledge before hand of what’s going on and then…. Isolate the situation. Get them off the public floor. Go to the Active Suite, behind GS,  outside etc. Getting people into different atmospheres changes attitudes quickly. Circle it. Create documentation through a circle if it hasn’t been done already. Your decisions should always be documented. Expedite ExpectationsAfter a proper solution has been put in place, stay with that circle till you see it closed. Confirm that the expectations of the individual are met. Modify your resources to expedite excellence. Be clear and solid in your communication to see the circle “cool off”.