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December 12, 2015
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December 26, 2015
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Back To The Basics

I recently have spent my personal devotional time going back to the basics of the Gospel. Sometimes the only way to go forward is to go backwards. Have you ever watched a movie a second or third time to find yourself laughing and enjoying things you didn’t see the first time? While it’s enjoyable to read all the new stuff by the late and great, I’ve been hanging out with books by Lester Sumrall and Kenneth E. Haggin. Just because you know about something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go back to it. We all know what our coffee will taste like, does that mean we don’t drink it every day? Of course not!;)

Spirit, Soul, Body

When Adam was in the garden, he was in complete unity with God the Father. After Adam allowed sin to come into his life he begins to feel shame immediately for being naked (body), guilt and shame from disobedience (soul), and a complete disconnect with the Father. (Spirit)

Here’s the interesting part. When Adam sinned, his body and soul didn’t change at all. It was the disconnect within his spirit that caused the body and soul to react to the lack of the divine in everyday life. The soul and body’s success is directly related to the status of a man’s spirit. You want your soul and body to work right? Check your spirit. You want your emotions to be managed properly? Check your spirit. Want a physical body that’s healed, whole, and happy? Check your spirit.

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I’m looking forward to staying here for a while. Don’t get so caught up in the need for “new revelation” that you look past what you already think you know. There’s more “new revelation” in the “already known” than can be found in the unknown than can be found in the unknown.