Discovery Camp is a place where young people of all ages get the opportunity to discover the difference that Jesus can make in their lives. This summer I am believing that revelation will be true in our teams as well. My prayer is that we would each separately, and collectively, discover that difference that Jesus can make in our lives and our work flows. 

Your relationship with Jesus will always be fueled by time and transparency. When you spend time with Jesus, recognize that the real revelation of love, from the Father, is when you allow him to love you for who you really are. You know….that you that only you know. Think about the end of August and ask some simple questions like:

  • What do I want to say about myself at the end of this summer?
  • How can I grow my gifting a and leadership Anointings this summer?
  • Am I supporting the vision with my heart as well as my hands and my head?
  • How would Jesus really use me this summer, if He knew I were ready and willing?

Just because use you’ve been through a summer doesn’t make you a pro. I’m still learning daily what it means to “win” in the marathon of ministry. I can promise you this, it’s not about how loud we get in ABH. True ministry is when you can build someone else and still be proud of you are in Christ when they are long gone.  I’m really feeling that there is going to be some DEEEEEEP works this summer for you, and I can’t wait to watch it unfold.


 Practical Part:

As we approach the marathon we call summer camp, we will be making some schedule adjustments in timelines and process.

For the summer season we will not be using the When I Work application for scheduling as we will set schedules through your supervisors.

  • Our schedule starting Monday, May 23 will be the following:
  • Deer Mode – 8am – 8pm
  • Staff Scheudles 9am – 6pm

Supervisors will have summer schedules by Monday, May 23rd so we can start adjusting our bodies according to sleep routines, and daily patterns.

Full Rest Days: Circle Center & Checklists with GS will be LIVE as usual.
Saturday, May 21.
Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day)

We are focused on a May 31rst complete day so we can teach and train during the 2 preview days. (June 1 and June 2)


Jesus wants you to do more than just “work for Him” this summer. He wants to work through you.

Let’s Make Ministry Happen,