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How Faith Works

Faith is the foundational elements of what we believe. It determines the outcome of a situation and we must be quick to speak faith, write faith, and live faith daily.



Hb. 11:1 • Mk 11:11-25 • Rom 10:8 • II Co. 4:13

Source of Faith

  • Jesus is the Author and Developer of our faith. Hb. 12:2
  • Faith comes by hearing the Word. Rom 10:17
  • Spirit-selected scriptures become spirit food. (rhemas)
  • A measure of faith is given to all born-again believers. Rom 12:3

How is Faith Released?

  • Spoken faith-filled words dominate everything. Ps. 89:34, Mt 12:37
  • Action Releases Power
  • Faith + corresponding action = Victory Jm. 1:22, Jn. 3:21
  • Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth until faith turns to sight.Rom. 10:9,10, 2 Co. 5:7

How is Faith Developed?

  • Put the Word first place and make it your final authority.
  • Train yourself to ask, “What does the Word say?” 
  • Meditate – memorize, visualize, quote it until it’s dropped from your head into your heart. Jos. 1:8 
  • Act upon the Word.

When Does Faith Produce?

  • As soon as you say ‘Amen,’ it’s on its way.
    “What things you desire, when you pray, (not when you see it) believe that you receive…” Study Mark 11:24
  • The moment you place a catalog order, it’s on its way. A confirmation number is proof that it’s paid for and soon to arrive. You don’t see it. You can’t feel it, yet it’s yours. Such it is with faith and your confirmation number is the scripture that you’re standing on.

Have Faith in Your Faith

  • Having faith in your faith is having faith in what Jesus has done for you.It’s not a faith problem, but a Word problem. Meditate more.
  • Quit waiting on God. He’s waiting on you.
  • No pressure to perform the Word; you obey and He’ll perform.


Faith is a muscle! Stretch it! Build it! Use it!



*Note: This content was taken from the Believers World Outreach Church study Bible