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January 19, 2014
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6 “D’s” To Getting More Done

It’s the inner cry of every leader…


“How do I get more things done?”

This has been the battle of the ages for leaders and layman alike. Completing a project, task, idea to it’s fullness is time consuming and difficult for everyone.

The greatest leaders are the ones who leverage what they have by making something better out of it.

In a recent workshop I did for our Unpacked Retreat, I talked about being a professional.

My definition for a professional is the following:

An individual who consistently creates, produces, and displays excellence in every area.

Andrew Burchfield


Understand the tools you have to work with, the greatest tool is time management.

If you want to get more things done, start here..

1. Define

Everyone wants to get more done, but half of the time they don’t even know what they are trying to accomplish. Take 10minutes daily to think out what it is you actually want to accomplish in a given day.

2. Dissect

No matter how big or small the task, take time to break it down into it’s simplest components. Organize the garage could be split up into smaller sections. For example..

  • Walk into the garage
  • Organize items into piles
  • Sweep and clean floor
  • Add shelving for space
  • Forget it all and hire the teenager next door

3. Dictate

Every night before I go to sleep, I dictate to myself while I write action items into my task manager app. You can use a notebook, iPad, anything that will help you put your desires of completion into a permanent place. I use a free web service called Producteev. (Tip: Start every task off with a verb. Instead of “I need to go to the store.” write it down “Go to the store.” Great book called Making Ideas Happen. taught me that one. )

4. Domino

I’ve found that Dominos are so important, that I’ve actually wrote an entire post on it; find it here. The basic idea: Set up all the action steps that need to happen in advance for greater productivity. Volunteer schedules… Make cleaning crates before the volunteers show up.. Hitting the first domino and watching everything fall in place is a wonderful feeling.

5. Delegate

I know you are amazing, but you’re still only one person. All those people who say…. “Hey, if you ever need anything..” USE them!

6. Decide

Just because it has to get done, doesn’t mean it has to get done right now.  I like to go to the top and fall backwards. Filming for a new episode of YBBtv is more important than my e-mails, or even a praise team practice. I’m not discrediting those items, but what item on your list will have the biggest impact on the biggest group of people. What is going to give other people the opportunity to serve and do what they are called to do. The youth group can’t paint the youth room on Saturday if you don’t pick the paint color. Take the time to make a decision and start getting more things done.