Invite Andrew

One of the many assignments Andrew has in BMI is to represent the ministry through travel and other ministry outreaches. With his vast knowledge and experience of ministry, Andrew can provide ministry and consultations all in the same trip. Keep the coffee coming and he will serve and strategize with your team to help you reach your greatest potential.

Invite FAQ

1How often does Andrew really travel?
Andrew currently travels 10- 15 trips a year that are 3 days or more. Travel dates that are 24-48 hours are much more likely to take place. The best days to travel and interact are Sunday evenings - Thursdays. When possible Andrew prefers to travel with a small team. After the completion of this form, someone from BMI will connect with you for more information.
2How are travel arrangements made?
Based on the final requests and how they fall on the calendar, a team member from BMI will book all travel accordingly. Because of his passion to drive it's not uncommon for Andrew to load up a team and drive in. BMI will cover any costs related to driving concerning fuel and food.
3Is there an offering requirement?
BMI is here to build and bless His Church. As there is no set or required fee, a love offering is appreciated and accepted. All offerings can be addressed directly to BMI.