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July 30, 2016
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How to Bounce Back From a Leadership Blowout

Everyone has “their thing” they know is probably going to happen, but really hopes it doesn’t. For me, it’s a flat tire. Nothing frustrates me more than a flat tire. I mean think about it. For a leader a flat tire just says, No more forward motion for you, buddy!” My blood boils just thinking about it. The truth is that flat tires happen. As Pastor Daddy has taught us, “Well, thank God you have 3 good ones.” In leadership, we have blowouts sometimes. We make a call about something and it didn’t turn out the way we thought. A decision takes a turn and you feel like leadership progress is at a complete halt.


What do you do when you have a leadership blowout?


Repair, Remember, Refuel.



If you blew it, fix it. Don’t allow ego to stand between you and your mistake. If a conversation with a team member went South, track them down and set things straight. It’s amazing how little things become BIG things in culture because BIG things were never handled as little things.



Remind yourself what you are called to do. Why are you in leadership to begin with? What’s your daily goal, or the daily win? Take time to think about destination of vision and not the detour of deflate. When you take time to remember who you are and where you are going you set yourself up to learn from your mistakes and then keep making moments.


Biggest mistake after a blowout is to jump back in like it never happened. Own it. Fix it. Now rest. Take some time to recharge the batteries of leadership and then jump back in with two feet. A rested leader continues to give their whole heart to the vision. A whole heart guarantees you won’t make half hearted decisions.

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It’s comforting to know that all leaders will “hit something” in the road on this journey. Bounce back and hit the ground running. The vision won’t stop so you can have a pity party.