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Leadership Leverage

Leadership leverage, a tool that must be used on a daily basis if a strong vision is to be built.

Leverage- power or ability to act or to influence people, events, decisions, etc.; 

Wow! What a responsibility to know that as leaders, we have the ability to influence the outcome of so many different areas of life and influence.
Such a responsibility should never be taking selfishly or lightly.

Q.What is leadership leverage?

A. Your daily decisions that affect the vision.

When I first started in leadership I believe the Holy Spirit gave me this phrase to help me make tough decisions.

“In the end, the vision must win!”I’m constantly reminded that no matter the challenge, personal issue, even great “glamorous” opportunity, the vision must win.


Daily decisions determine destiny.
Ask yourself the following questions before you make any decision…

  • How do my leaders feel about this topic?
  • How could this help my team?
  • How could this hurt my team?
  • Will this decision line up with what God has called me to do?


The best questions will always be answered by a question. When you take the time to slow down and come around to see the actual impact your decision has, it becomes the leverage you need as a leader to do what is right for the vision you’ve been called to.

I find too many leaders that don’t feel effective because they simply don’t know how to make decisions. We’ve talked about 4 basic tools that live in your leadership toolbox. I challenge you, make a list of all the decisions you normally make. Then ask yourself, “What decisions do I need to make today to allow the vision to grow in every way?”


What are some of the hardest decisions for you to make? Leave a comment, I’d love to know.