About Loud Leadership

Loud Leadership is a podcast for people who are brand new to the "leadership" thing. As people young in leadership, it can be tough to know what to do and where to turn when you have decisions to make. Andrew and Cody took 50 episodes to unpack the basics of leadership, team development, and how to navigate the changes of culture. Although the show completed production in December of 2019, Andrew felt it was important to make the archives available for the future generations of young leaders to come. His hope is that people from any background would feel confident enough to know that anyone can be a leader.

Cody Graves

Loud Leadership Host

I Cody Graves served at BMI on many of Andrew's leadership teams. His knowledge of technology and heart for the people of the world makes him a great asset to the ministry and the Kingdom of God. You can follow him and all he is doing at codygraves.org .