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November 1, 2015
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November 16, 2015
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M&M’s Make Everything Better


I use to ask my mom all the time if she needed anything from the store while I was out. Her response, simple & consistent, “No, but if you see a bag of M&M’s feel free to grab them. M&M”s make everything better!”
I’d smile and show up with a bag of plain M&M’s for my mom. She might not always eat them right away meaning before too long they were just stacked in the pantry ready for their claim to fame brought by a bad day or quick celebration of the day’s events.

Have you ever had something in your life that all of a sudden you just stop?
The weird reality when you wake up one day remembering how you “use to” to only find that you’re not anymore. Maybe it’s going to the gym everyday, cleaning your house more frequently, or studying the Bible.  Instead of trying to figure out the “Why”, let’s focus on the “How” we plan to comeback to where we once were.

When something changes in life don’t deny or justify, just eat M&M’s.

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What was the motive of what you were doing? If it’s staying on an active workout routine it would be to stay healthy. Writing a blog? To help encourage people with ideas and thoughts that you’ve walked through. Motive is the foundation of the message you are trying to communicate. Ask yourself, “Why was I doing that to start with?” Did you stop for a reason that took a greater priority, or you just got lazy? Motive has a way of escaping the details of life. Motivation is the action of motive. The process of walking out motive is easy when there is motivation. Lose the motivation, reset the motive? Realize that there was a reason you started in the first place. Find it again.


Without movement we have the opportunity to question the life of something. Movement is the vehicle of change. It’s responsible for taking us from where we were to where are now. Something stops in your life, check the movement. I always enjoy talking and mentoring other guys who come to me saying, “I just don’t feel close to God anymore, and I don’t know what to do.” My response always unfolds the thought….”What are you NOT doing now that you USE to do then?”. Obviously by saying “anymore” you are telling me that at sometime you were “there”. Well, what changed? Did you stop going to church?  Did you quit talking to your parents so now the relationship is just awkward? Most of the time we can look back and find a specific point where we just…stopped.

Motive & movement are the ingredients for growth in every area.

For this blog, the motive was to be fun & encourage leaders. We sometimes try to find justifications for our lack of progress in an area when really we just need to step up to the plate. What do you need to “comeback” in? The weekly Bible studies with the small groups, or the early morning jog in the neighborhood. Realize that Jesus came to give you LIFE and LIFE more abundantly. (John 10:10)  Not STRESS and STRESS more abundantly, yet it’s our responsibility to continue through with the passions and desires he places on our hearts. Quit crying about yesterday and start preparing for tomorrow.