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March 6, 2017
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March 27, 2017
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Finding Peace in the Process

Leaders are good at many things, patience, however, is typically not one of them. In a society that is quickly getting use to the “now effect” we are always wanting things faster, better, bigger, etc.. while process can be a boring thing, whether it’s the “pinwheel of death” on your computer, or the estimated line time at Disney World, leaders are constantly in a place of process. Process is all around us, and while we can learn to enjoy it, being mindful of it is the first step of finding peace. (John 16:33)


You’re not a person, you are a process. Constantly changing. Constantly growing. Keep showing up to the places that matter (your righteousness, in relationships and in personal reflection) and learn to love the process you are.


You move things forward one opportunity at a┬átime. Problems and projects, they are all a gift. By finding that sweet spot where you’re slightly challenged yet not completely overwhelmed, you can continue to grow your gifts and turn them into an expression of your Kingdom assignment in excellence.


Are you in leadership? If you’re around people then that answer is easily answered for you. Whether you carry the title or not, if you love people and care about their outcome in life, then you are a pastor. Our heart as leaders is to guide and care for people as they go through their own process. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. You will go through seasons where you feel not only proud┬ábut mad, disappointed, hopeful, grateful and tired all in the same person. It’s normal to feel and navigate those emotions, but what isn’t normal is to abandon the person when you’re tired of their current emotion impact on your leadership. That’s part of the process, enjoy it.

Process isn’t about putting a pause on your dreams, it’s about learning to recognize the growth attached to it. Next time you find yourself frustrated with the process, remind yourself the pain point you feel is the proof that growth is happening.