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February 29, 2016
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April 20, 2016
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Spring Cleaning For Leaders

It’s that time of year again! Spring Cleaning!

As leaders it’s important that we do this more than once a year however, it’s a good time to talk about this so here we go!  If our vision gets cloudy and unorganized than so does the productivity of our team. Here are some things you need to clean to make sure the productivity keeps moving!

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1 Clean Your Space
As much as you may not like it, cleaning the space where you do the most life will drastically change the way you feel about yourself. So bust out the dust rags and detail some of the places you haven’t looked at for a while.

  • Computer Desktop & Folders (Go to the cloud it’s easier to archive;)
  • Drawers & Cabinets 
  • Room
  • Car
  • Office

2 Clean Your Head
Can you remember the last time you sat in absolute silence for longer than 30 minutes? When we get things quiet and don’t think about what’s going on around us the brain has a way of refreshing itself. Leaders are always on the go, but our brains weren’t designed to be like on-going high computers. We need to slow down and rest. Stop thinking about the situations that are over and done with. Reset your thoughts to focus on what’s important to your vision here and now. When I need to clean out my head I’m in one of three places:

  • Driving down the highway
  • Gym – (I’m back into swimming laps again and I love it!)
  • Laying on the floor starting at the ceiling (Seriously, try it!)

3 Clean Your Spirit
In this day and age, we are always getting more and more preaching and teaching than any generation has before. From podcasts to books, special conferences, web streams, coffee chats, it is never ending all the things that our spirit is capturing. Take some time to clean your spirit. Re-evaluate your true core beliefs, your convictions and values. Bypass the resources and go to the source, the Word of God. Don’t seek the truth, go find it. Don’t talk about God, talk to God.

You have too much to do for the Kingdom of God to do it halfway. Find your best, so you can give your best.