"It’s not about the product, it’s about the process. This process started as the development of a project. Turns out it was the development of much more than that. This process has taught us what it means to truly “Enjoy The Journey”. To every person who believed in a better, in a Greater Glory, and who believed in me, I am forever grateful. May we all never forget that Jesus is The Source. From the radio calls to the daily questions, we must remember we aren’t going to a system, we are going to a Person, Jesus. Submitted to His order, for His Glory, we will forever and always make ministry happen."          - Andrew

About The Source

1What is The Source?
A department of solid Spirit-Led structure, created by simple streamlined systems for the internal operations and communications of the ministry.
2Why do we need The Source?
To provide a support system of common order in the ministry for the staff of a growing vision who is focused on the importance of communication for the purpose of living in uncommon Glory.
3How does The Source work?
We collect and direct all information to one administrative location. By guiding the proper placement of information we are able to streamline the communication process, therefore, providing answers quickly, directions clearer, and support sooner.
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The Source Script Download

The Source Script was written to be a guide for everyone who is committed to making ministry happen. The book is the heartbeat and strategy of how we approach ministry. Read it with fresh eyes and fresh faith.
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