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October 10, 2015
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4 Powers To Podcasting

My brother and I were die hard Power Rangers fans growing up. I admit, we were in deep! It was the coolest thing how a normal teenager could “power up” and immediately become a super hero in seconds. Even though I was never selected to be the next power ranger, I have found a way to “power up” myself on a daily basis. The power is in podcasting.


Podcasting allows valuable teaching and training to come to you anytime, anywhere.Click To Tweet


Podcasting is more than a replay of a popular topic, it’s an continuous open door to growth. I try to listen to at least 3 podcasts a week on a variety of different subjects. I choose speakers and categories that or going to stretch me spiritually and help me lead logistically.



4 Powers of Podcasting


1  Variety In Voices


In a few clicks you can have a variety of voices speaking into a specific topic. Sometimes it’s nice to get fired up about the second coming of Jesus with Damon Thompson. Other times you need the “Stanley Strategies” to think out why you’re doing what you’re doing with Andy Stanley.

2  Replays Reinforce

– It’s great to enjoy a service, but to really get something out of it you need to replay it over and over. You’ll find yourself hearing things you didn’t hear the first time. My routine causes me to listen to a Dave Ramsey podcast at the gym in the morning, and then again in the car on the way to Columbus. (45min commute).


3 Access To The Experts

When I first started in media almost 10 years ago I didn’t know a thing! It was podcasts like “God&Geeks” (doesn’t air anymore) that helped me with the basics of the tech world. From networking to broadcast I could always count on a podcast somewhere in the world with the answers I needed. What do you need help on? There’s a expert with your answer waiting to be found.


4  It’s FREE!!!

People pay thousands of dollars to learn from and spend time with some of the people that are available to you at the click of a button. There is no excuse to not grow in your gift and grow in God!

You’ll never find the time for growth, you have to make it. Find a few podcasts to play with and watch your life “power up”!


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