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5 Ways To Study Your Bible

There are five main approaches to Bible students and each one is valuable. I would suggest that, over the course of one year, your reading would include all five methods to assure a general understanding of the whole counsel of God.

1 Study A Book

For the purposes of understanding the message of the Bible, there are some books more beneficial to study. Keep in mind, however, that ALL scripture is inspired.
Recommended: Genesis, Exodus, John, Romans, Ephesians, Hebrews

2 Study A Chapter

There are 1,189 chapters in your Bible, but there are several that glisten as gold among the rest. Read them in different translations and consider outlining them. Your tutor, the Holy Spirit will give you understanding as you prayerfully ask Him questions.
Recommended: Ge. 1, 3, 22, Ex. 12, Dt. 28, Ps. 91, Is. 53, Mt. 5 – 7, Rom. 8, Hb. 11

3 Study A Verse

This exegetical approach will inspire you to dissect the original language and meaning of each word. Cross references and a good concordance will be beneficial, along with an Amplified Bible.
Recommended verses: Ps. 91:1, Jn. 3:16, I Co. 12:18, II Tm. 2:15, II Tm. 3:16

4 Study A Topic

A topical study is most popular, but study a wide variety of topics. This will assure an accurate perception of God and not just reinforce your favorite subjects.
Recommended topics: God’s love, faith, courage, fear, healing, promises

5 Study A Person

There are 2,930 separate people available for a biographical study. After you’ve read their life story in two different translations, put it into outline form.
Recommended people: Abraham, Moses, Esther, Nehemiah, Jesus, Peter, Paul








*Note: Outlines quoted from our Believers World Outreach Church study Bible.