Producing on Purpose

I produce platforms that help pastor people while they discover their ultimate purpose in life.
  • "Of all the producers I know, Andrew Burchfield may be the most successful at creating media that connects with the next generation.  His programming is broadcast in nearly 200 countries, and he’s made a significant impact reaching younger audiences.  When I have a question and how to create that kind of influence, Andrew is my first call.”
    Phil Cooke, Los Angeles, CA
    Cooke Pictures - filmmaker, media consultant, and author of “Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media.
  • "I've known Andrew for over 12 years! There are some people who are apart of your life for a short season and every once an awhile God brings along people who stay for the long haul. Andrew has always inspired me with his love for Jesus and his life lived! I'm honored to call him a friend!"
    Leeland Mooring, Nashville, TN
    Lead singer of the band Leeland
  • Andrew is the guy that sees what's coming next! He knows where the church and it's leaders need to go and grow, then starts the conversations and leads the way by pouring his unique experiences and insight into others!

    Tauren Wells, Houston, TX
  • Andrew Burchfield has a gift of seeing talent, hearing the Lord, and helping guide people into their destiny. It's rare and beautiful to have that quality in ministry.
  • Andrew Burchfield is a great man of God with an incredible heritage of faith. He is a dynamic communicator and carries a powerful anointing of God. Under his ministry tens of thousands of people encounter Jesus each year. He ministers with the heart of a pastor and the fire of an evangelist. Andrew always challenges my faith and when I'm around him I'm always reminded that 'nothing is impossible!' Andrew loves the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit moves through him. Connect with him!
    David Hall, Adelaide, Australia
    Lifepoint Church, Senior Pastor
  • Proverbs 27:17 relays the timeless truth of how iron sharpening iron is the way a friend sharpens a friend. Andrew Burchfield is a leader, minister, worshipper, and friend of iron. Andrew has a passion for the Word and the Spirit of God combined with using the latest technological and media breakthroughs to advance the Kingdom of God. Through his friendship and ministry you and your organization will be sharpened and prepared to fulfill God's calling and impact your generation. I highly recommend Andrew to you; he will be a tremendous blessing to you, your family, your congregation, and your organization.
  • Andrew Burchfield carries faith, enthusiasm, and joy that is contagious and simply fun to be around! Andrew is a pastor to pastors and a leader of leaders who champions Kingdom cooperation amongst us. His innovative, creative, and  decidedly Spirit-filled approach to reach a generation with the good news of Jesus is very inspiring!    
    Jeremiah Parks, Colorado Springs, CO
    Founder & Chairman - Heartwork
Andrew is the Executive Producer of Burchfield Ministries International where he oversees internal operations and future innovations of the ministry. BMI is an apostolic ministry of outreaches that strengthen churches in the faith by providing Bible-based resources which increases His Church.

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