#013: How to Master the E-Mail Monster
July 25, 2015
#014: Driving The Leadership Bus (Live Session)
August 7, 2015
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Driving The Leadership Bus

Driving is a true hobby of mine. I love being the idea of going 70mph down the road and looking out to feel like nothing is moving at all. Doesn’t leadership feel the same way sometimes? You feel that the day to day to is going so fast and when you slow down you realize you haven’t gone that far at all.

This summer I had the honor of speaking to hundreds of leaders stretched across 16 camps of our Discovery Camp program. Every leader is driving the vision. Your responsible for the passengers riding with you and also the engine of the vision. We took time to talk out the 6 areas I believe every leader needs to pay attention to in order to be a great driver.


Dashboard of Destiny

1. Battery Gauge – How much energy do you have before you start the next movement?

2. Speedometer – Schedule – The faster you go the more strain takes place on the engine causing a rougher rider for all involved.

3. Temperature Gauge – Team Culture- Teams are a tension that must be managed. Leaders have to keep the balance to ensure that teams don’t run too hot or cool off.

4. RPM Gauge– Recognizing what gear the engine is in helps keeping the journey from jolting all over the place. Leaders must have the “gears” or modes of life in a sequential shifting patter to keep things smooth.

5. Fuel Gauge – Financial Resources – We don’t see “full” and “empty” true leaders see “FAITH” and “EXCELLENCE.”

6. Oil Gauge – Without oil the engine doesn’t run as it was designed to. Oil keeps the moving parts moving. When we see OIL in the old testament it was a symbolic expression of the anointing. Leaders must have the anointing in their lives as they lead to ensure things move the way they are suppose to.

Vision Vehicle Trunk: (Resources):

  • Todoist (Project Management App)
  • Evernote (Note Taking & Digital Brain)
  • Loud Leadership (Podcast by Andrew Burchfield)