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April 14, 2014
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Hit The Brakes

Most leaders only know one word… “Go!

I love moving, shaking, and accomplishing things. It drives me as a leader.
Over the years of leadership my dad (Tommy Burchfield) will from time to time finish a phone conversation, or a meeting with the wise words, “Pace yourself…” I never really understood what that meant, and now I’m learning it more and more everyday.

Leaders are anointed to lead. There is a “grace for the race” when we “stay in our lane”. We’ve heard and used every clique under the sun, but one that we don’t use enough is “Hit The Brakes”.

I’ve given my life to ministry. That’s settled. What takes the reminding is the idea that I am still human.
I need rest. I want to be able to give 100% in my 50’s the way I am giving it in my 20’s.

So the question becomes….

When is the right time to hit the breaks? 

1. Team Tension –

Leaders are only as productive as their teams are strong. When your team is going through times of uncertainty, be wise enough to slow things. Tasks can wait. Meetings will happen at the right time. Teams need time to breathe too.
The vision moves at the pace of the team. Take care of what you prayed in. #teams


2.  Foggy Futures –

Have you ever driven in thick fog? It can be quite the challenge to drive when you can’t see where you are going. Even though you think you know how the road turns and your ability to drive, you still slow down a bit. Maybe your vision is a little unclear right now and you don’t really know exactly where you are going. That’s ok. Just hit the brakes, slow down a bit and continue going in the direction you know in your spirit is right.


3. Personal Perspectives –

The “leader hat” is one we wear with honor. It gives us the opportunity to walk into the destiny that God has designed custom for us. Even in times of great leadership though we may be faced with personal opportunities that require attention on the ones we rarely give attention to, ourselves. Please take the time to confirm that your personal heart, head, health and hands are in proper perspective to what God has called you to do. Your personal perspective determines your vision’s position. If you need some help in an area, hit the brakes. You are driving a bus with passengers  (vision) and they deserve a driver who can handle themselves behind the wheel.

When you hit the brakes you aren’t stopping, you are preventing what could be a potential disaster. You are confirming that you are on the right road, at the right time, for the right reason. Do yourself the favor and hit the brakes when you need to.