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December 19, 2011
New Year, New Things..
January 8, 2012
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Hold Your Horses: A year in review.

This week of the year is probably the most misused and abused week in the entire calender. Christmas is over, the new year is beating down the door with huge expectations. With everyone talking about new years resolutions and what is to come, I’d challenge you to stop and think about what just happened.

Most churches are notorious for blowing past the event and never tacking time to look back and ask, “Did that really go as great as we expected it to?” “Could it have been better?” “How do we make it better next time?” When you question what you do you aren’t belittling what was done, you’re securing success for the next time.

Challenge: Take 30mins this week and walk through 2011. I believe that we are to be good stewards of what God has given us, our year is included in that. Were you productive? Make any mistakes? Accomplish any of your resolutions from last year?

I believe in this so much I always go out of town to get away. Prayer, writing, thinking, and dreaming for 2012 will be based off of the victories, challenges, and obstacles of 2011.

My good friend Johnathan Bowels @johnathanbowels recently got me turned on to a website called Oh Life!. It’s a great way to journal your thoughts via email. I’ve been doing it since October, and I must say, I really enjoy it.

How you end a season is how you will start your next one. Start 2012 right by finishing 2011 even better.