#015: Leaders’ Lemonade with Abby Burchfield [Kids Ministry]
August 25, 2015
#016: 3 Things That Crumbles Communication
September 15, 2015
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Leadership Lemonade with Abby Burchfield

Abby Burchfield (my sister) has proven her passion for children and their families with both personal enthusiasm and a professional education. She’s always ready to explain what children really need, and how to develop them holistically by faith. In this episode of Loud Leadership, Abby spoke to a group of children’s leaders and volunteers at Discovery Camp. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and I know that it will help you today.

Leaders’ Lemonade
Innovative Ideas For When Ministry Gives You Lemons

When ministry gives you lemons remember…
“You build a children’s ministry by loving one child at a time.”- Pastor Tommy Burchfield
“Jesus trusts us with His sons and daughters. That is the biggest honor and largest responsibility”- Pastor Rachel Burchfield
Behind every child is a family. You are not just in children’s ministry, but in family ministry.
You can only give what you have. Stay full privately and you’ll flow publicly.
There is no such thing as a “Jr. Jesus.”

Abby’s sugar stash to help sweeten things up…
Children’s Ministry .com [Website Reference]
The Action Bible [Comic Bible]
Talk Starters by Group [iTunes App]
Google Voice [Email, direct cell]
“Too Small to Ignore” by Dr. Wess Stafford. [Book]
Science Experiments: Steve Spangler [Object Lessons]
Oops paint section [Home Depot// Lowes]

Innovative Ideas for that moment when…“There’s a kid in front of me, what do I do?!”
Connect before communicating [Connect with eyes; Connect with topic]
Add rhythms to reinforce [Rules, Instructions, Verses]
Invisible Bubbles [Ageless trick of the trade]
High Fives and Hugs [Even if they don’t like it, they need it]
Explain what they can do, not just what they can’t. [Choices build confidence]