Making Ideas Happen: Capture It!
November 23, 2011
Making Ideas Happen: Get It Done!
November 28, 2011
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Making Ideas Happen: Break it!

So, the idea is captured and you are ready to make it happen, right? Almost, first we have to break the idea. Break the idea? Every diamond must go through the fire before it’s beautiful. When I finish the creative process the first thing I do is make sure the idea will live past me. We do this by breaking the idea. This would be the more logical step of the idea process.

Example Idea:

Idea: Building a 32 foot arch on stage.

  • Built from foam
  • Split into 6 sections
  • Held together with liquid nail.
Breaking The Idea:
  • How does it stand up alone?
  • Can a kids camp destroy this masterpiece?
  • Will the paint eat away at the foam?
Finding the areas of trouble before they become trouble is vital in the idea process. If you don’t break your idea, someone else will. Give an idea 24-48 hours to set while you break it. If it doesn’t break, you’re ready to produce it.