Making Ideas Happen
November 20, 2011
Making Ideas Happen: Break it!
November 26, 2011
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Making Ideas Happen: Capture It!

One of the highlights of my young 8 year old life was being able to hold daddy’s keys. There were what seemed to be millions of keys, yet each one had a purpose for a specific door. Ideas are like keys, each one unlocks amazing possibilities. Whether it is a creative project, a sermon series, or a more cost effective way of producing products; they all start with ideas.

Before we make the idea happen, we must capture it. Most ideas are lost and forgotten because they are not captured. Here are some ways I capture my ideas:

iPhone Apps

Google Plus– I have an idea circle with a few people I post ideas too quickly. (Only been doing this for about 2 months. I really like it.)

Awesome Note – Syncs with my google docs so I know I wont lose anything.

Voice Memo– Used for song ideas or complex video ideas I can’t put into words.

Overdub-Simple multitrack app that lets you grab ideas quickly if a musical instrument, or group is near by.

Diptic– Picture app that lets you capture different angles in one picture.

Every idea you get, no matter how silly it may be, capture it. Ideas are the inspiration to new ways of information.