Making Ideas Happen: Break it!
November 26, 2011
Maximizing Monday
December 5, 2011
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Making Ideas Happen: Get It Done!

Nothing more frustrating than sitting at a green light and the person in front of you is distracted and won’t go!! I learned a few years ago, as the leader of a project, I was the first person at the light, and if I don’t move when I get the green light on the project then the others behind me can’t go anywhere either. As your idea is created and goes through the trials and fires of your breaking system it will come to a point when it’s time to get them done. Ask yourself some questions before you pull the trigger on the execution of this idea.

  • Have we thought about this from each person’s perspective? (Pastor, Parent, Teen, Volunteer, etc)
  • Are the resources ready to be used? (Paint, Graphics, Script,) *Have them in hand before you send to the team.
  • Can you accomplish this in the time you have?
Once those questions can be honestly answered, it’s time to get it done!
Sometimes I will find huge momentum when a project starts and we will get it to 3rd base when something else comes up, or a new idea takes the attention. Normally when you look up and say, “We are so busy!” what is really being said is, “I have so many uncompleted projects!!” Discipline yourself to FINISH what you have already started. I like to look at my projects like a circle. My staff always hears me say, “Did we complete the circle?”
 Think Time– Think out your idea alone. Don’t tell anyone!
Team Time– Pitch to the team and be ready to answer every question they have about it. (This works when you have THINK time by yourself.)
Test Time– Break the idea! Try things out.
Touch Time– Seeing your idea become tangible.
It always encourages me to know that when I’m ready to execute the idea, I’m already 75% of the way. Ideas don’t just happen, they are implemented. Make them happen and they will make a difference. When you are sitting at the green light of an idea, go. The only person to blame for not going is the driver. I believe that if we do something with the ideas the Holy Spirit gives us now, there will be more to come. Make ideas happen!