It’s Payment
November 12, 2011
Occupy Vs. Own (Part 1: Pulse Points)
November 14, 2011
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Occupy Vs. Own (Intro)

Recently I’ve been following this whole “Occupy Wall Street” situation only to find out one thing…. It is not working. People have lined up to “occupy” an area, a space, a message, but how affective are they? I think the church can walk away with a great message from this display of ineffective ideas. To occupy means to “Fill or take up (a space or time).” Standing outside on the street doing nothing is accomplishing them just that; nothing.

How many leaders around to globe are just occupying their place? True leaders do not occupy; they own.

Look at the disciples who decided to “own” their time with Jesus vs. the ones who just was observing and checking out what was going on. After Jesus ascended to Heaven, we heard a lot about Peter, James and John (They owned) while some of the others just faded away through the scriptures (They occupied).

This week I’m going to push some points that will help leaders own their sphere of influence; not just occupy it.

(Just cranking up this blog. Thanks for the patience..:)