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March 8, 2014
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Pathway of Purpose


Purpose is the pathway of vision. It gives people permission to do something significantly simple on a daily basis. We pray about the purpose God has given, and then choose the right path to reach that destination.
Now what? Most leaders stop there… We never take the time to walk down the pathway of purpose ourselves, we only wait for a team to tell us when we’ve “arrived”.

The role of a leader is to keep the pathway of purpose clear.Click To Tweet
QWhat is your purpose and how are you going to fulfill it?
Keep the path clear and keep walking.




1. Look Ahead

Many people who follow a path always look to the ground never really knowing where they are going. Look up to horizon of vision and see where the destination is going to be. Maybe it’s a way of life, or a business goal that is where this path will lead you. Take the time to look ahead to make sure you know where you are going.

2. Clear The Path

After a storm the path is always full of debris from trees that keep people from walking the path easily.
It results into climbing over logs and ducking underneath broken branches. Leaders must understand that as you walk on the path, someone is following behind you. Take the time to clear the pathway of purpose so the people coming behind you don’t hit the same road blocks you did.
(Ex: Debris: The first volunteer leadership team had no expectations.
 Clear Path: New team was handed a packet during an orientation that explains all the expectations.)

3. Keep Walking

Walking is the easiest. Walking is the hardest? It’s both! At the start of a walk you tend to look around and enjoy the beauty of nature, or the focus of the podcast you’re listening to at the gym. After awhile, your focus begins to shift from your surroundings to your feelings.

  • “My feet are starting to hurt.”
  • “I sure am thirsty.”
  • “When is this going to come to an end?”

People get distracted from the pathway of purpose when they take their eyes off the path and put them on themselves. Dig deep and find the determination to keep walking. Take your eyes off yourself, or your feelings, and look up again at the path you choose to walk down.

Purpose is intention with a plan. When we walk down the pathway of purpose we are putting feet to our faith and decisions to our destiny.

I’d love to know other things you have found on your pathway of purpose.
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