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September 22, 2014
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November 29, 2014
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Productivity On Purpose

There came a point in my life where I was tired of being blindsided by the “productivity punches” I knew were coming my way.
From the “Oh…I totally forgot!”  to the  “Send me an email and I’ll…..#nevergetitdone”, I begin to realize that productivity had to have a process attached to it. Life has to be more meaningful than just crossing things off of a list. I began to ponder on the thought of “Purpose” and what it truly meant.

Anyone can be busy, productivity is a choice.

“Productivity On Purpose” is my personal phrase I use to remind myself that I must be intentional about what my time is going towards.


WHY are you doing what you do?


Answering e-mail is about more than cleaning an inbox (I strongly strongly dislike emails). It’s about providing direction and answers for people who are willing and motivated about doing something on purpose for a purpose.

It took me close to a year to find the right process for my productivity plan. After countless mobile apps and a few dropped balls, I finally have concluded on the way I “work for me”.



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“Getting Things Done” – David Allen

Steve Dotto – Evernote Webinar

Patrick Lencioni – (The todo to today guy)

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Special thanks to Rob David for joining me in this conversation.