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April 24, 2014
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August 6, 2014
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Six Steps To A Super Summer

Summer is here, and if you’re like me it’s the fastest paced time of the year! So how do you actually get things done and enjoy life when time is limited? Here’s some thingsĀ to help get big results out of a super summer!

  1. Read a new book with no timeline on finishing it. It’ll be done when your done.
  2. Find a fresh beverage for the summer to keep things lite. (I’ve been on Sparkling Ice & Dr. Smoothie)
  3. Phone a friend you haven’t talked to in 5 years or more every week.
  4. Pick up a new research interest. (Amazing what you can learn just with Google & Youtube)
  5. Eat healthier! Doesn’t mean go crazy just choose a salad more often then you might.
  6. Pray more! Prayer is how we supercharge our spirit man and our faith!

You have plenty of things to do this summer on purpose. Change your purpose on a few items and enjoy life!