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July 3, 2014
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August 20, 2014
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Talks & Thoughts For Leaders

On Sunday we completed our 26th summer of Discovery Camp here in Columbus, Texas. With the honor of serving over 740 church groups, 400+ interns, and 150 staff members, as a leader, you can’t walk away year after year with out some key talks & thoughts. Here’s a few that made my list this summer.

Plan The Plan

Someone will always have to do the hard stuff, make a decision. It takes time to mobilize people, projects, and plans. Set aside the time in your day to focus on the future and set up all the dominos needed for flawless execution.

Leaders Lead

The car doesn’t drive itself. Someone has to step on the gas. Momentum looks like direction explained. Push the team on the project. Don’t give the option of later. The “car” will never get anywhere sitting still.

Balance Beam Of Life

Very few people can actually merge the sayings, “This is what I do” and “This is who I am”. People are happy to do whatever you want them to, but if you really care about them being fulfilled as a person you have to dig deeper. Honesty is a hot commodity in today’s culture. Learn to talk truth so when you hear it, you know what it sounds like.


Soak The Soul

The mind of a leader is always on the go. Questions. Comments. Recaps. Plans. Future. Past. It goes on and on and never slows down. Remind yourself to unplug, unwind, and understand that you can’t give 100% if you’re always running on empty. Like a cell phone, leaders must be charged up to help others excel in life.  Find the time to take care of your emotions, dreams, desires and all the good stuff that makes you awesome. Others will thank you for it.


You’re a leader. People look to you, count on you, and expect you to provide them with something they can’t obtain on their own. Continually grow yourself so you can constantly grow the assignment God has given to you.