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December 14, 2011
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December 27, 2011
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The Christmas Christian

Christmas ChristianA person who explains the meaning of Christmas through every action throughout the Christmas season. (Andrew’s definition)

Everywhere you turn you see people, people, and more people! People working. People laughing. People shopping. Years ago I took on the “PW4L” label… (People Watcher 4 Life)  You can learn so much just by watching people do what they do. To see how circumstances and opportunities affect individuals and the entire outcome of their day amazes me. People follow people. We are creatures of habit that says, “I’ll do whatever you do.”

In Matthew chapter 4 Jesus starts calling disciples. Andrew and Peter sign on, and a few scriptures later James and John do they same.  Pause here for a second…

Imagine with me for a second, in all the hustle and bustle of that day and age Jesus walks up to James and John and says, “Follow me” and without hesitation they drop their nets and follow Jesus? Put yourself in James and John’s position for a second. Here they are doing what they do, fish. Getting ready for the same type of day they have done for 20 years. They’ve fished in the same waters, with the same people, in the same boat their entire lives. Now, this guy named Jesus shows up on the scene and gives them the opportunity of a life time. Why do you think they said yes? Why did they leave the comfort of everything they knew to follow a man they knew nothing of? I don’t think it’s because they saw something in Jesus…I think it’s because they saw Peter and Andrew. You trust people you know. You’ll listen to people you feel comfortable with. You’ll take action around people you trust.

They knew Peter and Andrew, shared occupations with them. They knew who they were, and what they had accomplished. I think somewhere deep inside James and John said..”If this guy is good enough for them to drop it all and follow, then we will follow too.” If Peter and Andrew hadn’t of said yes to following Jesus then it’s very possible that Jesus would of asked all alone.

It’s important that we don’t let Jesus walk alone in this Christmas season. While hearts are open to love, hope, and promise, give the best promise we have to all you see. Challenge yourself to let people see more than your credit card, let them see Jesus. Let the people who know you, trust you, and love you, have the opportunity of seeing Jesus through you.